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BODYCON Clothing

Disclaimer: this product is no longer sold by Go Fashions ink.

The Bodycon Elegant Skirt is figure flattering for many sizes and is normally composed of a stretch spandex fabric. Due to the spandex in the fabric, some consider bodycon outfits comfortable. Spandex clothing gives, stretch per say, and that is comforting. Stretchable fabric usually eliminates adding wearing ease. Wearing ease is a term used when designers add extra inches to the garment so that the wearer can move freely. Although, bodycon garments hugs the body showing off one’s curves, they also allow movement. This skirt featured fits the bill. It’s a go to skirt that can be worn for business wear and evening wear.

This bodycon-pencil skirt is a blend of nylon, rayon, and spandex. The hem falls gracefully at the knees. Notice the expose zipper in the back that offers a tiny bit of an edgy biker’s accent. Zipper pulls are added to both ends. Observe how the substantial pulls provide a finished polished look.

Panels in the front and back of the skirt have horizontal engineered rows. These decorative rows mimic the appearance of wrapped bandages. Hint which "bandage" is another name for bodycon dresses or skirts.

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