About Me


Hello, my name is Tracy Freeman, and I attended the University of Phoenix earning a Master of Business (MBA) degree. I live in Houston, Texas; and I love fashion. Some of my hobbies include sewing, pattern making, drawing, and more. Shortly after high school, I worked for Foley’s department store in their upscale-women’s clothing as well as other adventures. In case you are too young to know the Foley’s name, it was later bought out by Macy’s department store.

Go Fashions ink is an online boutique where you can find women’s clothing for various taste and for just about any occasion. Go Fashions ink is a small but motivated company selling women’s fashion. I believe passionately about quality, affordable products, and excellent service, which is why I commit myself to giving you the best. To do this, I always keep an eye on the latest trends in women’s fashion and work only with substantiated suppliers. It’s important to help my customers dress well and keep them satisfied.

So, if you are looking for quality in your next purchases, you are in the right place. I meticulously search for beautiful, well made, and fresh fashions. Doing this, I believe that I provide customers with what they want, by putting their desires at the top of Go Fashions ink’s priority list.

When I set out to do something, it is important that I try my best. This personal value and my skill sets are very important to me as a buyer. My experiences help me as I select items for you in my store. Also, I have been involved in sewing and clothing for more than 50 years.

I opened Go Fashions ink August 18, 2018. On the way, I made a few mistakes. To correct those errors, I dropped several trades until I found my current distributor. A distributor that offers American made clothing, and imports. My line of clothing come in US sizes.

As you shop Go Fashions ink you will find quality clothing at affordable prices. So, take a look at my website www.gofashionsi.com. My inventory was carefully selected keeping quality and fashion in mind


To provide quality services and merchandise at affordable prices