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About Me

Hello, my name is Tracy Freeman, I am a designer, and retailer, and was once patternmaker and author. I attended the University of Phoenix earning a Master of Business (MBA) degree. I live in Houston, Texas; and I love fashion. Some of my hobbies include sewing, gardening, crafts, drawing, and more. These interests show up in my designs. Shortly after high school, I worked for Foley’s department store; in their upscale-women’s clothing as well as other adventures. In case you are too young to know the Foley’s name, it was later bought out by Macy’s department store.

Go Fashions ink is an online graphic t-shirt shop. Go Fashions ink is a small but motivated company. I believe passionately about quality, style, and service. Which is why I commit myself to giving you my best. To do this, I try to set my own trends and work only with substantiated suppliers.

Graphic design is a not a new market for me; I utilized it illustrating my craft books, patterns, and fashion design.  I have always loved to draw, and I am still drawing in this market. The only difference is, I am putting my designs and license designs on products. As I expand my inventory, my goal is to compile unique and beautiful designs.

When I set out to do something, it is important that I put my all into it. This personal value and other skill sets are especially important to me as a designer. My experiences as an author and crafter help me in this new direction that I am going. As an author I did it all; I was the author, illustrator, photographer, editor, and more. I loved it. Graphic design is a job that does not feel like work. I am having a ball.

As far as my sense of fashion, I have been involved in sewing and clothing for more than 50 years. I opened Go Fashions ink August 18, 2018, selling women’s fashion. Well, I wanted more. I asked myself why not design my own; I am a designer, seamstress, and patternmaker. Well guess what? I loved designing and patternmaking, but sewing multiple outfits several times...not so much. Because, I designed and sourced my own, I released in small batches, from one to as many as I can. Nope, I was not crazy about that setup. Then I got into selling off the rack for a year. Still, I wasn't very content.

Mentally, I fought with this issue until God open the door to graphic design. I always had the name “ink”. Initially, I used ink was a play on words of Inc (incorporation). Since, I am not a corporation I thought ink was a cute and legal replacement. As I conducted my business, I eventually discovered “ink” was used for tattoo parlors and graphic tee shops. Well, I thought this was not me, and I decided to change my store name. In doing so, my notarized application for a new Doing Business As (DBA) was stolen out of my car. Trust me, this just sent me to bed for that day with a headache and a pounding heart.

The next morning the Small Voice stated something in the terms of using my name for graphic t-shirt designs. A lightbulb moment. Why did I not realize this before? I had the name, and I stated several times that “ink” is used for graphic designs? Why did God’s Devine intervention have to point me towards graphic designs? By the way, I am not questioning God, and I am glad that He’s with me. So, long story that is how I got here. :)

As you shop Go Fashions ink you will find unique, family-friendly t-shirt designs. Take a look around and keep watching my page as I create new products.


To provide quality services and merchandise

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