About Me

About Me

Hello, my name is Tracy Freeman, and I attended the University of Phoenix earning a Master of Business (MBA) degree. I live in Houston, Texas; and I love fashion. Some of my hobbies include sewing, pattern making, drawing, and more. Shortly after high school, I worked, a few years, for Foley’s department store in the women’s clothing. In case you are too young to know the Foley’s name, it was later bought out by Macy’s department store.

My interest in clothing stems from my mother who inspired me to sew.  Growing up, she sewed for my sister and me. My mom was a divorcee who raised five children along, on a maid’s salary. She made beautiful clothing for us, from discounted fabrics. Because of her, I wanted to learn how to sew and make nice clothes for myself, at an early age. In middle school, I set out to gain these skills, and I requested a sewing class. However proud I was of that awful outfit, I later realized that I was not taught the very basic of sewing such as prewashing fabrics, straight of grain, ironing, and much more. There could not have been any class objectives for this class, other than keep the students busy and quiet. I remember the instructor asking me questions.

During my junior year in high school (1972), I decided to take another sewing class as an elective. What a blessing, I had the best sewing teacher in the world. With my finished outfit, she asked me to enter it in a sewing contest, held at Foley’s. I placed Honorable Mention. My competitors had outfits made in beautiful wool, chiffon, and other expensive fabrics. The outfit that I entered in the contest was made in a double knit, which was what my mother could afford. At the same time, it was a very nice casual piece, a solid colored-lined blazer and a pair of matching shorts, in a print. From this outfit, I learned to make a notched-lapel blazer, install a zipper, draft a lining for the blazer where the pattern did not include one, make buttonholes, cut on the straight grain, when to prewash fabrics, and so much more.

As a teen, I had several people asking me to make them outfits. I did here and there; however, I was not interested in sewing for others. I’m still like that. Therefore, retail works so well for me. I love being around beautiful clothing. Currently, I would much rather sell nice, fresh-quality outfits that others make.

Prior to opening Go Fashions ink, enthusiastically, my interest in sewing took me to another level, the study of patternmaking (2016). It’s a fun and challenging skill set. I drafted several items. Pattern making is a valuable skill set for me as a buyer. It helps me to select items for you in my store. Also, you may have deducted that I have been involved in sewing and clothing for more than 50 years.

I opened Go Fashions ink August 18, 2018. On the way, I made a few mistakes. To correct those errors, I dropped several trades until I found my current distributor. A distributor that offers American made clothing, and imports. My line of clothing come in US sizes.

As you shop Go Fashions ink you will find quality clothing at affordable prices. So, look at my website. My inventory was carefully selected keeping quality and fashion in mind.


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