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Personalization Acceptable Content Policy

Acceptable Content

Submitted content must be respectful of others and of the law, so keep that in mind before you use the Mockup Generator to personalize t-shirts. Content that is hateful, illegal, and/or that violates intellectual property rights may be reviewed and removed at any time.

Intellectual Property Rights

Go Fashions ink ask that you respect the work and creative rights of others. You need to either own the content you submit, or have the rights to use, display, and resell it. Content must comply with right of publicity, trademark, and copyright laws.

Illegal Content

Go Fashions ink will not accept content that depicts child pornography. Obscene content, or content that depicts or promotes illegal activity may be removed. You also must follow your local laws and those of the regions.

Hateful Content

Go Fashions ink values tolerance, understanding, and respect. Expressions of hatred towards any person or group will not be tolerate. Simply put you cannot upload this sort of content – it is just not in the spirit of Go Fashions ink.